Your heart and soul 

deserve to be seen

Artistic and emotional imagery of your authentic connection

immersive stories captured  forever

There is something indescribable in the moments of deep connection. These moments happen briefly and they are always, each time, personal and real. I’m here for you to paint those moments; to turn your most meaningful seconds into 

emotional pieces of art

for those who want 

Hi, I’m Minna, a wedding photographer and a human being. My love for photography consists of two things; my deep interest in human beings and their stories, and a love for creating art.

I don’t want to treat people as props; I think the best photos are genuine, real. So this is you, your story; honestly, but with a touch of extra magic.

I am a LGBTQIA+ ally and I want you to feel safe.

to be seen

Come, explore the magic

When you feel so much that you are simply out of words

When they give you that look of compassion and intimacy when you did something other people would call silly; when they briefly, almost unnoticed, sweep your shoulder to indicate their love; when they do something so mundane yet so special at the same moment that you forget how breathing works; when you feel their presence with every cell of you soul.

These kind of moments are what inspire me the most.

And turning these  moments into artistic imagery is what I’m here to do. To interpret your unique connection, your love, in an emotional, artistic manner. Through these photos I want you to be able to immerse yourself in those seconds again and again. Like you were immersed in the very moment the photo was taken.

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The meaning of


Music has so much power and I love to use music in my shoots. It can deepen the atmosphere, comfort you, make you dance, bring lost memories back. This power really inspires me and that is why I make music a part of your shoot experience. When there’s music playing everything flows a bit more naturally… it does wonders.

Trust me on this one.

When you dream up what your shoot experience could feel like, close your eyes, listen to one of these lists and you'll understand what I mean.

Ethereal Dreamscapes

Thoughts After Sunset

Run Away



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