my values

As a child I was always a dreamer, and still am to this date. Dreaming helped me forget the bullying and focus on something that I love: stories. 

So even though I didn't grab a camera before my 20s the need to tell stories was always there. I used to observe the world from a distance - and sink into the world of books, cinema and imagination. They are the roots of my photography. Combining the magic of imagination, cinema and books with real life connection. 

I am a people-person; I care about people, and it is important for me to approach you with understanding and empathy. I want to get to know you so that I can give you the service and the best photos that suit you best. This is in the heart of my values. Encountering everyone with kindness.





This one has everything to do with kindness…

Everyone deserves to be seen, understood and appreciated. I welcome you in front of my camera just as you are. I am a feminist and advocate for social justice, tolerance and love.

Growing up, I was bullied. All my youth. As horrible as it was, it taught me kindness – and how important it is to feel free to be oneself. To have the freedom to express ourselves in a way that feels right. I want you to feel like you have the freedom to be yourself with me, and in front of the camera.

Even though I am scatterbrained at times – oh yes I am! – I am not someone who settles; I keep on pushing forward, trying to evolve, all the time. I do everything in my heart to give you the pictures you dreamt of.

My most valuable material possession are definitely my headphones. I can’t go a day without them. Really. Music is one of my biggest inspirations as well as a friend in need. Sometimes I “see” stories just from listening to a song.

A person's taste in music reportedly tells something of their persona, and I can see why. To me, music is something so personal, a window to my soul.

a window

to my soul

here is that window consisting of some of the most important songs of my life.

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Drop me a line or seven, and let's get together for a chat. I cannot wait to hear your story, plan your personal shoot experience and talk about music and the world with you!

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