How do you want

to be seen?

I’ve always been interested in stories. I love listening to stories as much as I love telling and interpreting them.

For me, the way I approach photography is to start the journey by hearing your words, and using those words throughout the process to create a story that feels like you.

I want to show your heart and soul in a beautiful way. Let’s create this journey together.

painterly pieces of your intimate seconds

Interpreting your unique connection, personally.

I will go above and beyond for you

To create your story, a story that feels like you, I really need to get to know you.

This is a process, a journey; so prepare to open up a bit. To tell me what makes you YOU. What you are like, what you are into, how do you want to be seen. How do you communicate together with your partner? How did you become YOU? How do you want to be seen?

Let’s grab a coffee on me and meet up or set up a Zoom meeting. I believe that interaction via authentic dialogue is crucial.

To book your wedding photographer really is a big deal; these photos will last you a lifetime, and I want you to feel safe, confident and understood.

discover the shoot experience

After the meeting I will send you a personalized offer based on your wishes. When accepted, we’ll sign up a contract and you’ll settle the contract with a retainer of 30%.

During this whole process, you are free to ask anything, anything at all! I like to say that there are no stupid questions. These photos are a matter of big importance so please, don’t worry about bothering me!

Before the big day we’ll settle a planning meeting where we’ll go through EVERYTHING. The schedule, the wishes, the worries, the questions, my process in detail. I want you to feel safe with me. 

On your day, I want you “just to arrive”, so you don’t have to worry about anything. We’ve had a long journey, but the day is finally here. Let’s make it amazing!

After your wedding you'll receive a few sneak peaks right away to hold you over until you get your full gallery a few weeks later. Pour yourselves a glass of wine, dive into what we've created and relive those memories and feelings again and again.

After getting to know you I will carefully plan your portraits, respecting your personas and uniqueness. I will not set up a location that is completely not you – and I will not copy-paste you into poses from catalogues just because they look cool.  

I will create sketches, make notes and carefully plan a mood board for your photoshoot specifically. For your music, I will either create a playlist, or we pick an existing one that fits you.

During the photoshoot, I want you to focus on each other and feel the moment. I’m there as your friend to bring everything together. I laugh with you, I encourage you, I might cry with you! Sometimes I’m so excited that I might do a happy dance. I never guide based on for example gender roles; I guide based on feeling.

Every photoshoot is unique, and it would be impossible to tell you how yours will go exactly, but I sure will do nothing but my best for you. That I promise.

When I’m creating a story, I want it to be whole, full. I want you to feel everything. I want you to be able to completely immerse into your moments.

The whole gallery, your story, will be diverse, detailed, full. There will be moments that you forgot about or maybe didn't even notice. Tiny details that are an important part of the storyline.

You will not receive 40 photos of the same exact setup – you will receive a story. The magic of connection lies in the tiniest seconds. This will be your super personal, emotional art gallery that will last.

A shoot experience made only for you

turning connection into art
- what does it mean?

Let's write your story together.

Personalised experiences starting from 2850€ for wedding day coverage, 1700€ for elopements and 490€ for couple, boudoir and maternity shoots. Let's start planning yours today.

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"The photography session was the most romantic part of our wedding and it was wonderful to have an intimate, fun and atmospheric moment with a new spouse after all the hassle of our wedding day.

It is incredible how Minna made us feel truly present in the moment and how with her vision and professionalism she built a story that all the others would feel as well. Minna went below the surface with her photography and it felt like seeing yourself for the first time the way your spouse sees you; loving and loved."

Karoliina & Niko

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