Not perfect

but real moments

Genuine family connection captured in artistic imagery

It was this one photoshoot, where the imperfect unscripted moments made the photoshoot perfect. It was not about how everybody had to smile at the camera but rather how the family communicated together. How they made each other laugh, cry, how the siblings argued and then made up, how they hugged and snuggled.

Not everything had to be tidy and organized and "give a smile for the camera". The smiles are usually most authentic when not focused on the camera, as are the small gestures of care. My principal is to let kids be kids and let room for the unpredictability. From there, we find the in-between-moments, that are so perfectly imperfect.

Full of Life.

the road to your

In the booking process, I want to get to know you a bit so during the initial messaging you are free to tell me about your family and what makes you unique. I like to learn about all of your personalities and quirks. We’ll fix a location based on your wishes and my suggestions on what could work for your family.

Before the photoshoot, you will receive a little pamphlet that includes some bits of information for your photoshoot. Just some tips that will ease your stress before the actual date.

new favourite photos

Capturing the story of your family

I always say that I give directions “respecting life”, avoiding stiff posing and focusing on creating genuine connection.
So I will guide you and give you cues but I will not ask you just to give me a smile. I will include a lot of movement and let kids be kids.

Sometimes somebody might be at a bad temper; that is completely fine, all kinds of feelings are welcomed. Usually the moments of frustration will pass. It is ok. Really; it is OK. This is not a serious business; it’s a moment in life. You don’t HAVE to be anything. You can just be.

My view is that to build a story that feels like you, you will receive a full gallery, including of 70+ photos. I don’t want to skip details or moments of affection so I don’t offer packages with fixed amount of photos. You will always get a full story. Besides the full gallery, the story, you’ll get a video consisting of your photos that you can share with your close ones.

I only offer a maximum of 3 family sessions per week during high season to give you the best personal experience possible! <3

book the shoot experience

Small moments

– the story of your family

• an emotive video slideshow of your photos

• my unique personalised planning process

• a detailed how-to-prepare before the shoot

• a full web gallery of your moments together consisting of 70+ full-sized photos that tell a beautiful story


690€ (100€ payable when booking)

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